Elena Reygadas


Notebooks on Food Culture, Health, and the Environment

We usually view restaurants as a space designed for pleasure. And there’s no doubt about it: those of us who cook for a living are always trying, in one way or another, to foster satisfaction and enjoyment through our dishes. However, I’m convinced that we should also consider our work as cooks beyond its hedonistic function. In a world like ours—devastated by climate change, social inequality, systemic violence, sexism, racism, and the degradation of political life, to mention just a few of many ills—a restaurant should provide a platform for reflection and
positive contributions to society.

These Notebooks on Food Culture, Health, and the Environment seek to put forth, from within the restaurant context, some of the most urgent conversations about food. Above all, they underscore the intimate bond that connects food culture (what we eat and how we eat; that is, our social relationship with food), health (of both the human and non-human beings who share the Earth), and the environment (the setting where life takes place). In other words: they treat
food as a vital act in which biological, social, economic, political, and cultural forces converge.

-Elena Reygadas


Available at Rosetta, Panadería Rosetta and Mesa Rosetta.